Setting and reading angles has always been a challenge for woodworkers and other tradesmen - until now. The Universal Angle Guide makes it easy to measure or transfer any angle, including bevel and miter angles, when used with a sliding "T" bevel (Note: Sliding "T" Bevel Not Included).

The user friendly Angle Guide has computer controlled laser etched angles from 0 degrees through 180 degrees, in 1/2 degree increments - along with their complementary angles. Additional features are; two height gauges, one in fractional inches and the other in millimeters, perfect for setting saw blade or router bit heights. Plus, a handy Angle Chart that gives you the required miter angle for multi sided boxes. The Universal Angle Guide is fabricated from durable aluminum, with a black anodized anti-glare coating that makes angle reading easy. Included are comprehensive, illustrated instructions.
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