The MasterPlate can Align, Calibrate, Tune and Troubleshoot the Following Saws:
•TableSaw, •Radial Arm Saw, •Compound Miter Saw, •Chop Saw

Saw Blades are made for cutting NOT for aligning and calibrating your equipment. The saw blade has limited surface to measure because of carbide teeth, gullets, anti-noise slots and pitch buildup on the blade. All these factors restrict it's use as a set up tool.

The MasterPlate is a solid 3/8" thick x 6" x 10" aluminum "Tool Makers" quality plate, precision ground to within thousandths of an inch. With the MasterPlate, you now have a full 10" flat surface to align parallel to the miter slot. Now you can set up the miter cut dead on the money! Simply use the MasterPlate to set up the precise miter angle before installing your blade. The same holds true for the blade tilt (bevel) capabilities of the MasterPlate. Mount the MasterPlate in its vertical position, now you have almost 7" of height to square to the table top. Set any blade tilt to the desired angle simply and accurately. Now you can set miter and bevel angles to within minutes of a degree! Consider using the Universal Angle Guide for setting these critical angles. The MasterPlate fits all 5/8" and 1.0" saw arbors. (30mm also available). As you can see, not only can you tune up your equipment with the MasterPlate, you can also set up any critical miter or bevel angle on all of your saws.
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