Reviews of the MasterGage System

Wood Magazine September, 2003

MasterGage/Classic Awarded "TOP TOOL"

"MasterGage/Classic performed at the top of the class---so we named it the TOP TOOL"  Wood Magazine, September, 2003.

Wood Magazine February, 1999

Precise, . . . gauge promises, delivers accurate tool setups

When it comes to setting up woodworking machines, you won't find any gauge more precise than the MasterGage. In fact, unless you're a precision machinist you probably never have used a setup tool as precise, accurate, and versatile as the MasterGage...

No other tool allows you to set blade angles on table saws, radial-arm saws, or compound miter-saws so easily or accurately...

Product Scorecard: Performance: ***** out of 5

American Woodworker Magazine April, 1999

A Cut Above

Power tools can only cut accurately if you can set them up accurately. The MasterGage/Pro gets the job done...useful not only for initial setup.. but also for day-to-day use.....

Woodworker's Journal August 2000

The Final Word in Accuracy

Want accurate cuts? Protruding teeth, resin deposits and sawdust gullets can interfere...[MasterGage] has sent two tools to the rescue...

Satisfied user

I guess you can say I come from the old school--

Check out my review at

-CJH, Maine

Satisfied user

This is one of the few products I bought over the years that actually exceeded the claims of the manufacturer

-AC, Omaho, NE

Satisfied user

I received my MasterGage/Pro yesterday and boy was this some work of art. Just the construction of the gauge was extremely impressive. I was elated to see all the different types of measuring and aligning I can do. I was so impressed that I want to order more accessories so that I can complete the set entirely

- AH, Emerson, NJ

Satisfied user

I find I use this tool more and more for setups and size checks. The MasterGage is excellent

WMcP, Santa Clara, CA

Satisfied user

I have a lot of tools most are...precision machine and tool maker tools. ...But, you know what? I bought a MasterGage and the $1000.00 worth of Starrett tools that duplicate [the MasterGage] functions stay in my $695.00 Gerstner Sons tool box... this tool does more than the manufacturer says it can...

-PM, Bremerton, WA

Satisfied user

 I want to thank you for the MasterPlate. It solved a year's worth of troubleshooting in 15 minutes...

-RH, Spokane, WA

Satisfied user

I just wanted to say thanks. .....I applied the MasterGage to my jointer knives...within about an hours worth of work, I had both knives within .002 inch all the way across...and [the jointer] worked like a dream

-DH, Salinas, CA

Satisfied user

I was even more pleased with [the MasterGage] than when I saw it at the Indianapolis woodworking show. My congratulations on a splendid piece of work. ..the laser etched lines are super clear and I know they won't wear away from use... I see lots of possibilities as I did at the show. My congratulations on a superior tool with great flexibility made as tools should be. It feels right!

-PM, Indianapois, IN 

Satisfied user

I just had to write you, to thank you for creating the MasterGage. I have worked for hours trying to get my table saw to cut true. After about 45 minutes, I now have a table saw that cuts not just close to square, but perfect square cross cuts and rips. I can hardly wait to use the tool on my other tools in the workshop. It is a little frightening to think how far off my power tools might have been using conventional measurement tools.

-RC, Newbury Park, CA 

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