1-2-3 MicroGage

This MasterGage Product is Compatible with the following woodworking equipment:

Drill Press | Horizontal Mortiser | Jointer | Planer | Router | Router Table | Shaper | Sliding Table Saw | Stationary Belt Sander | Stationary Disk Sander

Product Description:

The new 1-2-3 MicroGage offers precise measuring accuracy in a compact package. Take the combination of a precise 1-2-3 MicroGage and a dial indicator. Add full travel capability over the length of the 1-2-3 Block – and you get accuracy only found in a machine shop. Rare earth magnets embedded in the Dial Indicator Carriage allow the Carriage to slide smoothly and securely along any edge length of the 1-2-3 Block. A Lock Screw secures the Dial Indicator in any vertical or horizontal position selected. Included is a 3/8″ diameter flat tip – perfect for measuring round surfaces and blade edges. Now you can measure and set heights within thousandths of an inch on routers, jointer in – feed and out – feed tables, jointer knifer heights, planer in – feed rollers, table saw blade heights plus many other applications. The 1-2-3 Block by itself can be used to square up blades, bits, machine fences, etc. The 1-2-3 MicroGage’s small “footprint” will allow it to be positioned in restricted areas for precise readings. This MasterGage product is Not for use with Table Saws.


123 MicroGage Manual Cover

The following MasterGage Accessories are compatible with this product.

Dial Indicator – 1-5/8″


Dial Indicator – 2-1/4″


2.0 inch Dial Indicator Extension


1.0 inch Dial Indicator Extension


½” Diameter Flat Dial Indicator Tip


3/8″ Diameter Flat Dial Indicator Tip


Dial Indicator Flat Tip 030

.30″ Diameter Flat Dial Indicator Tip


Magnetic Saddle Block (Classic & Pro Models)


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