Planer Blade Setting Gauge – Black Series

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Product Description:

The Black Series Planer Jig is designed for most stationary planers with 3 bladed steel cutter heads UP to 18 inches wide. An on-board precision dial indicator lets you visually set your planer blades to within 0.001 inches (1/1000 inches), insuring glass smooth results from your planer. A powerful rare earth magnet secures the Planer Jig to the steel cutter head while you monitor and adjust the planer blades to perfection. Planer blade adjustment and replacement is fast and easy with the Planer Blade Setting Jig. U.S. Patented


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•The dial indicator is an AGD-1 type indicator with a 1-5/8″ diameter face.
•It has easy to read black numbers and markings against white background.
•The dial readings range from 0.000″ to 0.100″ [0.000 to 10/1000″], per revolution.
•The small dial indicates how many times the dial hand has rotated up to 0.250″ distance.
•The bezel rotates to allow you to line up zero with the indicator arm.
•Once the bezel has been rotated to position, there is a locking knob to keep the bezel from moving.
•The back of the dial indicator is flat to insure clearance to any planer structural parts.
•The Planer Jig housing is solid, aircraft quality aluminum.
•The housing is protected with a black anodized plating.
•The dial indicator tip is heat treated, hardened stainless steel.
•The tip is a flat 0.300″ diameter surface, ground and lapped to a mirror finish for precise measuring requirements.
•The Planer Blade Setting Jig is held in place on the steel planer cutter head by two powerful rare earth magnet (neodymium – iron – boron).

•Get precise blade settings to within 0.001″ (1/1000″).
•”User Friendly” Planer Jig makes planer blade adjustment or blade replacement a snap.
•Finally get glass smooth finishes from your planer.

Planer Blade Setting Manual Cover

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