Universal Angle Guide & Height Gauge

This MasterGage Product is Compatible with the following woodworking equipment:

Band Saw | Chop Saw | Compound Miter Saw | Drill Press | Radial Arm Saw | Table Saw | Sliding Table Saw | Festool Kapex Miter Saw

Product Description:

Setting and reading angles has always been a challenge for woodworkers and other tradesmen – until now. The Universal Angle Guide makes it easy to measure or transfer any angle, including bevel and miter angles, when used with a sliding “T” bevel (Note: Sliding “T” Bevel Not Included). The user friendly Angle Guide has computer controlled laser etched angles from 0 degrees through 180 degrees, in 1/2 degree increments – along with their complementary angles. Additional features are; two height gauges, one in fractional inches and the other in millimeters, perfect for setting saw blade or router bit heights. Plus, a handy Angle Chart that gives you the required miter angle for multi sided boxes. The Universal Angle Guide is fabricated from durable aluminum, with a black anodized anti-glare coating that makes angle reading easy. Included are comprehensive, illustrated instructions. **Sliding bevel gauge not included.


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•Angles marked from left to right. 0° to 180° – to 1/2° accuracy.
•Angles marked from right to left. 0° to 180° – to 1/2° accuracy.
•Both left and right hand, 90° to 0° bevel/miter angle scales.
•Inch height gauge, 3.0 inches, graduated to 1/32″.
•Metric height gauge to 8 centimeters, graduated to 1 millimeter.
•Precision scales are laser etched and generated by computer.
•Brushed anti-glare, black anodized surface for easy reading.
•Unit is made from 3/32″ x 4-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ aircraft quality aluminum.
•Convenient nail mounting hole for storage

• No math or calculations required
• Eliminate gaps and misalignment in all your angle cuts
• Read any angle with your sliding “T” bevel, fast and accurately
• Designed for both right hand and left hand “T” bevel readings
• Set any angle, including bevel/miter angles, to ½° accuracy
• Set an angle and get the complementary angle automatically
• Measure both inside AND outside corners
• Ideal for setting/measuring angle cuts for crown molding, etc
• Transfer angles from your work to any machine
• Set measure required angles on tablesaws, bandsaws, etc
• Handy Angle Chart gives required angles for multiple sided boxes
• Set measure saw blade/router bit heights to 1/32 inches or 1 millimeter accuracy with the Height   Gauges
• OPTIONAL Height Gauge Block makes height measurements a snap
• Portability – at home – to the shop – to the building site
• Great for chair makers, furniture makers, cabinetmakers, finish carpenters or anyone who works   with angle making requirements

Universal Angle Guide Manual Cover

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