MasterGage® Classic Package

This MasterGage Product is Compatible with the following woodworking equipment:

Band Saw | Chop Saw | Compound Miter Saw | Doweler | Drill Press | Horizontal Mortiser | Jointer | Planer | Radial Arm Saw | Router | Router Table | Shaper | Table Saw | Sliding Table Saw | Stationary Belt Sander | Stationary Disk Sander

Product Description:

The MasterGage/Classic shares the same superb workmanship and precision manufacturing quality as the Professional. The only difference is that the Classic model does not have the Protractor or the “Instant Recall” features. The MasterGage/Classic can Align – Calibrate – Troubleshoot – Tune Up – and Set Up/Reset Up all wood working machinery that require non-angular measurement. Like the MasterGage/Professional, the height gauge feature of the MasterGage/Classic has three sets of scales permanently laser etched into the aluminum body. They are fractional inches (to 1/32″), decimal inches to (to .020″) and millimeters (to 1/2 millimeters). All scales are precise to within thousandths of an inch. These scales allow the Classic to be used in any country in the world as it features all linear measurement requirements. The top and bottom of the classic body have extruded “T” slots. These “T” slots allow special Accessories such as magnets to be easily added, thus expanding the capability of your measuring and set up requirements. Like the Professional, the Classic is made from the same heavy walled aircraft quality aluminum extrusion, precision ground on all sides within 0.001 inches. The unit is then machined on CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machinery to tolerances of 0.00020 inches. These extremely close tolerances insure glass smooth motion and precision fits of all parts. The MasterGage/Classic is 4 inches long, 3 1/2 inches high and 2 inches wide – a perfect fit in the hand with a nice balance. The Classic weighs one pound with the dial indicator mounted The Classic is a powerful tool, yet very “user friendly”. The Classic is also expandable – we offer specially designed Accessories, so that you can customize the Classic to your particular requirements and needs. See the Accessories section for these great additions. U.S. Patented  

Explore our color 77-page MasterGage Classic Manual here.


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Your MasterGage/Classic Package
This package contains the following:
1. The MasterGage/Classic unit
2. The MasterGage/Classic Manual
3. A precision Dial Indicator, 0.001 [1/1000 inch] accuracy with ¼ inch travel
4. A 1.0 inch and 2.0 inch stainless steel dial indicator extension – extends the reach of the Dial Indicator ( Page A9)
5. A 0.300 inch diameter flat, 400C stainless steel Dial Indicator tip – hardened to Rockwell 52. Perfect for adjusting or replacing knives on jointers and planers. Also for checking run out on drill presses and routers, etc. (Page A9)
6. Dial Indicator Adapter Assembly – allows you to position the Dial Indicator in different directions. (Page A8)
7. A ¼ inch diameter x 3 ½ inch long stainless precision Depth Gauge Rod, designed for measuring depths of dado cuts, mortise slots, blind drilled holes, etc.(Page A6 & A6.1)
8. A stainless steel Precision Dowel Rod, ½ inch diameter x 4 inches long. Perfect for calibrating drill presses, routers, horizontal mortisers and lathes. (Page E1)
9. Magnetic Miter Slot Cradle Bar – Attaches to the bottom [and top] of the Classic. It is used with the Classic to align the tablesaw blade and rip fence easily. (Page A7)
10.Hex wrench is used to secure the Magnetic Miter Slot Cradle Bar in the desired position.(Page A7)
11.Hex wrench for calibrating the “Knife Edge” to 90 degrees, as required. ( Page A3)
12.A rugged, double walled carrying case, with handle. It is lined with custom cut foam that nests and protects your MasterGage/Classic system. As an added feature, the foam is removable – simply remove the bottom foam and store your MasterPlate safely on the bottom of the carrying case, beneath the foam. Now, your valuable
MasterGage/Classic and accessories are now housed together in one safe place.
13.A roll of transparent tape for working surface protection. See Section K.
14.An enclosed stamped self addressed Post Card, asking you to supply us with a name. We will engrave that name into a solid brass nameplate, ready for mounting onto the MasterGage/Classic – free of charge. A nice way to personalize your Classic.
15.A 30 day Money Back Guarantee plus a One Year Guarantee on materials and workmanship – including the dial indicator.

The MasterGage/Classic is packed with exciting patented features that are built to last! The body of the Classic is fabricated from rugged aircraft quality extruded aluminum. All sides are ground flat, square and parallel to each other to within 0.001 inches [as a reference, the human hair is 0.001 inch]. Once ground, the body is then machined to exacting tolerances [0.0002 inches] on computer controlled NC machinery, the surface is then plated with a protective black anodized finish that also presents a superb black non-glare surface for easy reading.

The unit is then precisely and permanently laser etched with scales that are in inches, millimeters and degrees. This allows the Classic to be used on any equipment worldwide – regardless of the measurement standards used.

The Classic body has extruded “T” slots in both the top and bottom surfaces, allowing the owner to use special magnets. These magnet accessories are very powerful rare earth [neodymium boron] magnets that fit into the “T” slots. A valuable Accessory that insures rock solid rigidity while making critical measurements.

The Level Arm is made of ½” x 3/4″ x 3 3/8″ aircraft quality aluminum, hard anodized for durability [hardness equal to sapphire]. The arm is spring loaded so that it automatically levels itself for precise measuring – it never goes out of alignment! The level Arm glides through sawdust with ease and never clogs up.

The Level Arm is also designed to accommodate a Depth Gauge Rod. The Depth Gauge Rod allows you to measure things like blind holes, mortises and dado cut depths easily and accurately.

The included precision Dial Indicator will give you machine shop accuracy [1/1000 inches] capabilities for all your machine alignment, calibration and setups.

The Classic Manual is very comprehensive and richly illustrated with over 60 pictures.

As a new proud owner, you will have your MasterGage/Classic personalized with your name engraved on a solid brass nameplate – free of charge.

The Classic also features a permanently embedded red medallion metal disk “Birthplate”, laser etched with the year it was built.

The MasterGage/Classic can accept many specially designed Accessories. You can customize your Classic to your individual needs.

The MasterGage/Classic comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee PLUS a Lifetime Guarantee Policy on materials and workmanship, including the Dial Indicator.

All parts are precision made and interchangeable, a part made last year will fit a Classic made today, next year and years to come! If a part is lost or damaged, it can be quickly replaced by our factory.

The Mastergage/Classic Package Contains the Following:
•The Mastergage/Classic unit

• A comprehensively illustrated 55+ page manual

• A precision dial indicator, accurate to .001 inches(1/1000)

• Dial Indicator Adaptor Assembly that will allow you to position the Dial Indicator in different directions

• 2 inch Dial Indicator extension for extra reach

• 1/4 inch diameter Dial Indicator Flat Tip useful for setting up jointers and planers

• A Miter Slot Cradle Bar for use in table saw miter slots. It attaches onto the bottom of the Classic and allows the assembly to glide smoothly in the miter slot

• A 1/4 inch diameter Precision Depth Guage Rod designed for measuring depths of mortise slots, dado cuts and blind drilled holes

• A 1/2 inch x 4 inch long precision dowel rod designed to be used on routers and drill presses

• A solid brass name plate with your name permanently engraved, free of charge

• The MasterGage/Classic along with the Dial Indicator and attachments are packaged and protected in custom fitted foam within the carton

VERSATILE Use the Classic on any machine, no need to rely on the inaccurate machine scales. Many Accessories may be added to increase the unit’s capabilities.
EASY TO USE Very “user friendly” with a comprehensive manual to guide you.
MONEY SAVER The Classic will pay for itself very quickly as you reduce your scrap and the machinery runs with increased efficiency.
CONTROL Now you can correct those invisible and dangerous misalignments in your machinery to machine shop tolerances


The MasterGage System can align calibrate and troubleshoot the following equipment.

1. Table Saw 10. Band Saw
2. Add-on Sliding Table Saw 11. Jointer
3. Radial Arm Saw 12. Planer
4. Chop Saw 13. Stationary Disk Sander
5. Sliding Compound Miter Saw 14. Stationary Drum Sander
6. Router 15. Stationary Belt Sander
7. Router Table 16. Horizontal Mortiser
8. Shaper 17. Doweller
9. Drill Press 18. Grinder
The MasterGage System can be used as:
1. Height Gage 5. Set up Tool
2. Square 6. Bevel Gage
3. Calibration Gage 7. Inch/mm Conversion Gage
4. Miter Gage 8. Depth Gage
MasterGage Classic Manual Cover

The following MasterGage Accessories are compatible with this product.

MasterGage® Carrying Case


Dial Indicator – 1-5/8″


Precision 1/2″ x 4″ Stainless Depth Gauge Rod


3.0 inch Height Extension


MasterGage Dial Indicator Tips

Assorted Dial Indicator Tips (22 pieces)


2.0 inch Dial Indicator Extension


1.0 inch Dial Indicator Extension


MasterGage Point Indicator

Point Indicator


½” Diameter Flat Dial Indicator Tip


3/8″ Diameter Flat Dial Indicator Tip


Dial Indicator Flat Tip 030

.30″ Diameter Flat Dial Indicator Tip


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