SuperBar – For Shopsmith (.720″ Slots)

This MasterGage Product is Compatible with the following woodworking equipment:

Table Saw

Product Description:

Made exclusively for the Table Saw The SuperBar is precision machined Delrin [acetal]. With its unique patent pending adjustment system, insures glass smooth motion within the table saw miter slot – giving you precise readings. The on-board Dial Indicator reads to one-thousandths (1/1000) of an inch, NOW THAT’s PRECISION! Fits standard 3/4 x 3/8 miter slots and Sears models (.740 slot). (Shopsmith version also available). Now You Can Tune Your Table Saw FAST! Tune your saw and keep it tuned to within thousandths of an inch (1/1000″)! Easy to use – The SuperBar will let you do the following: Check saw arbor shaft and face flange for excessive run out. Check for bearing wear. Align the saw blade parallel to the miter slot. Align the scoring blade (if applicable). Check the rip fence for parallelism to the miter slot. Check the saw blade for run out. Check run out on routers, drill presses, shapers, etc.


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•The precision on-board Dial Indicator is accurate to within thousandths of an inch! As a point of reference, a human hair is one thousandths of an inch [.001 or 1/1000]. A piece of bond paper is approximately four thousandths of an inch [.004 or 4/1000].
•Comes with two dial indicator stems, one a 1.0 inch long and the second a 2.0 inch long extension. They accommodate any distance from the miter slot to the saw blade for all table saw manufacturers.
•The SuperBar fits all 3/8 x 3/4 miter slots, including Sears brand [ShopSmith version also available].
•Has a unique, patent pending adjustment system to insure glass smooth motion in the miter slot.

The SuperBar Package Contains the Following:
• SuperBar – with its unique patented adjustment system. All hardware made of high quality stainless steel

• Precision dial indicator, 1.0 inch travel, with accuracy to .001 inches(1/1000)

• 1.0 inch long stainless steel extension stem

• 2.0 inch long stainless steel extension stem

• Hex wrench for mounting Dial Indicator

• Hex wrench for adjustment system

• Detailed operating instructions

Align, set up, calibrate and troubleshoot a tablesaw to perfection.


What is included in the SuperBar package?


The package includes:

  • The SuperBar unit, with all stainless
    steel hardware
  • Hex wrench for mounting Dial Indicator.
  • Precision Dial Indicator, 1.0 inch travel, with accuracy to .001 inch [1/1000] Hex wrench for the adjustment system.
  • 1.0 inch long stainless steel extension stem
  • 2.0 inch long stainless steel extension stem
  • Detailed illustrated instructions


What saws will the SuperBar work with?


It will work with all saws having a 3/4 wide x 3/8 deep miter slot. This includes Delta, Jet, Powermatic and General machines.


I have a Sears saw, will it work on my saw?


Yes, the Sears has a.740 x 3/8 deep wide miter slot. We have designed the SuperBar to accommodate both the standard 3/8 x 3/4 miter slots AND the Sears saws.


Do you have a ShopSmith version?


Yes, and we offer this version at the same price as the standard SuperBar at $69.00.


How do you insure that the SuperBar will fit the various miter slots since they are made in high production and not very accurate?


The SuperBar has a unique, patent pending adjustment system that insures glass smooth motion within the table saw miter slot. It has both coarse and fine adjustments. The fine adjustment is spring loaded to insure glass smooth motion.


I have a dial indicator, can I buy the SuperBar without the dial indicator?


Sorry, the SuperBar base is not sold separately. It is only sold only with the dial indicator. The reason being that this dial indicator was selected from over eighteen different indicators. The indicator has the following features.

• The indicator must have one inch travel
• The graduations on the dial face must be to .001 [1/1000] inch.
• The indicator must have a centered lug back mounting to allow a 1/4 inch diameter screw mounting.
• The stem must have special threads to allow installation of the one and two inch extensions that are supplied with the kit.
• The SuperBar kit has special hardware that works only with this dial indicator.


What equipment will the SuperBar tune?


It was designed primarily to align and tune the tablesaw.

• It will check motor arbor run out, to be sure it is within specification
•It will check saw flange mount for run out; this could cause saw blade wobble
•Align the saw blade [or MasterPlate] parallel to the miter slot within thousandths of an inch.
• Square the saw blade [or MasterPlate] to the tablesaw surface.
• Center the splitter to the saw blade.
• Square the miter gauge to the saw blade.
• Align the scoring blade [ if applicable] parallel to the miter slot and centered to the blade.
• Align the rip fence parallel to the miter slot.
• Adjust the fence to any required toe-in, toe-out dimension recommended by your saw manufacturer.
• Check the rip fence for warpage.
• Once everything is aligned correctly, install the saw blade and rotate by hand to check it for run out.
• The dial indicator could also be used to check run out on drill presses, shapers, lathes, routers, band saw wheels etc.


How accurate is the SuperBar?


The dial indicator reads to within .001 [1/1000] of an inch. As a comparison, the human hair is one thousandths of an inch thick [.001]. A piece of bond paper or copy paper is approximately .003 inches thick.

We suggest you go to the documentation page and download the SuperBar instruction manual.

MasterPlate SuperBar Manual Cover

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