The MasterGage/Professional is a truly revolutionary tooling system, designed specifically for the woodworker. The MasterGage/Professional will allow you to Align-Calibrate-Tune Up-Set Up and Troubleshoot any piece of woodworking machinery you own or intend to purchase. The Pro really shines when it comes to set up and re-setup of your equipment for particular cuts. We woodworkers have surrounded ourselves with great woodworking equipment, and no way to control the equipment-until now.
• Measure and Set precise angles and heights

•"Instant Recall"

The MasterGage/Professional has many outstanding features. The face of the Pro- has four sets of scales permanently laser etched through the black anodized plating and into the aluminum precise to within thousandths of an inch. The scales are fractional inches (to 1/32"), decimal inches (to .020") and millimeters (to 1/2 millimeters). The angular scale read to 1/2 degree. The MasterGage/Professional can be used in any measurement format worldwide! The protractor measures both acute angles (less than 90 degrees) and obtuse angles (greater than 90 degrees). All to an accuracy of 1/4 degree (15 minutes of arc). Angles may be measured in X, Y and Z axis. Both the protractor and the height gauge feature an exciting new patented concept called "Instant Recall". Any angle or height may be recalled with incredible accuracy - instantly. This feature is great for recalling any machine set up measurement and returning to that setting instantly. The MasterGage/Professional is a heavy walled aircraft quality aluminum extrusion, precision ground on all sides to within 0.0010 inches. The body is then machined on CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machinery to tolerances of 0.00020 inches. These extremely close tolerances insure glass smooth motion and perfect fits of all parts. Measuring 7 inches long, 3 1/2 inches high and 2 inches wide and weighing almost 2 pounds, the MasterGage/Professional is comfortable in the hand and very "user friendly". Customize the Professional to your needs with our many Accessories.
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