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Precision Alignment Tooling
for Woodworkers

MasterGage ® Tools support a wide variety of
precision alignment, measurement and calibrations
jobs for most woodworking machine tools.

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MasterGage ® products align, calibrate, tune, set-up and troubleshoot woodworking machinery.

Since 1996 MasterGage ® has engineered and manufactured and distributed the finest precision calibration tools for woodworkers.

All woodworkers know that precisely machined wood improves quality, yields crisp joinery, allows trued alignments, reduces material waste and results in higher finished work satisfaction. Our woodworking machine tool alignment and calibration products offer the capability to achieve high-quality woodworking results.

If you’re looking for the highest quality woodwork possible, please explore our woodworking machine tool calibration product line.  Our product quality is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

MasterGage Tablesaw Alignment

Woodwork & Equipment

Safety & Quality Work

MasterGage® Tools make these things possible.

Featured MasterGage ® Tooling

MasterGage® Professional Package

The MasterGage/Professional is a truly revolutionary tooling system, designed specifically for the woodworker. The MasterGage/Professional will allow you to Align-Calibrate-Tune Up-Set Up and Troubleshoot any piece of woodworking machinery you own or intend to purchase.

MasterGage® Classic Package

The MasterGage/Classic shares the same superb workmanship and precision manufacturing quality as the Professional. The only difference is that the Classic model does not have the Protractor or the “Instant Recall” features. The MasterGage/Classic can Align – Calibrate – Troubleshoot – Tune Up – and Set Up/Reset Up all wood working machinery that require non-angular measurement.


Made exclusively for the Table Saw and disk sander, the SuperBar with its unique patent pending adjustment system, ensures glass smooth motion within the table saw miter slot – giving you precise readings.


The MasterPlate is a solid 3/8″ thick x 6″ x 10″ aluminum “Tool Makers” quality plate, precision ground to within thousandths of an inch.

Benefits From MasterGage®
Precision Woodworking Tools

MasterGage® precision woodworking tools will safe you time, money and material – while helping you deliver professional wood products.  Give yourself the advantage of precise accuracy.

Additional MasterGage ® Alignment Products

MasterGage 123 Block

1-2-3 MicroGage


Planer Blade Setting Gauge – Black Series


Mini-Magnetic Base


MasterGage Universal Angle Guide Height Gauge

Universal Angle Guide & Height Gauge


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Learn more about MasterGage® precision woodworking tooling.  We offer a range of tools designed for a wide variety of woodworking machine tools.  If you’d like higher-performance finished jobs, it starts with accuracy and finishes with your skills.
MasterGage Professional Woodworkers
MasterGage Professional Woodworkers
MasterGage Professional Woodworkers
MasterGage Professional Woodworkers

with MasterGage®


Featured Professional Tools for Woodworking Professionals

MasterGage® Professional Package

Featured Professional Tools for Woodworking Professionals

MasterGage® Classic Package